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Posted by computerandlaptops on July 26, 2008


Acer Introduced New Notebooks : Aspire 5650-5670

 Acer introduce two new Notebook crop equipped with Intel’s new Centrino Duo stage.

The Aspire 5670 will be available in a few different configurations starting at $1499, but the flagship mock-up will feature 2GB of DDR2 memory, a 120GB hard disk, and an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 graphics manager pushing a greatest resolution of 1200 by 800 to the 15.4-inch display.

An adjustable 1.3-megapixel CMOS camera is built into the lid just above the display and works with Acer’s bundled face tracking and video conferencing software. Acer also include its own easy-to-use software that can encrypt secret files, backup, recover and optimize the hard disk, and adjust system settings in just a little clicks.

Included Aspire Arcade software brings jointly multimedia viewing and authoring tools which work with the unit’s double layer DVD writer and media card person who reads.

Acer also showcased its dual-core TravelMate 8200 notebook. It offers similar specifications to the Aspire 5650, including the same new camera functionality and scheme tools, but ships with superior 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics deliver a resolution of 1680 by 1050 to its 15.4-inch screen.

The TravelMate 8200 also seems more listening carefully on toughness than the Aspire range. It includes a rigid carbon-fiber cover (until now only see on Acer’s Ferrari notebooks), in addition to hard disk anti-shock defense, and a motion sensor that can protect the hard disk given unexpected movement–like being dropped–and purpose as an anti-theft alarm. A SmartCard reader also works with Acer software to give one-click file encryption and endorsement.Configurations of the dual-core TravelMate 8200 are predictable to create at $1999.

ACER ASPIRE AS4315-2004 14.1 NOTEBOOKA great traveling companion.

Get a powerful, hard working notebook with the entertainment features you want in the value packed AS4315-2004. Powered by the Intel Celeron M530 (1.73GHz), you can burn your own CDs with the DVD/CD-RW combo drive. Windows Vista Home Basic offers a new more user friendly interface¹. This Acer is Wi-Fi Certified® for convenient Web surfing wherever you find a wireless signal².

* Get the processing power you need from the 1.73GHz Intel Celeron M530

* Experience the widescreen 14.1″ WXGA Acer CrystalBriteâ„¢ display at 1280×800 resolution

* The 80GB hard drive gives you plenty of storage space for photos, music and more

* Watch movies and burn CDs with the DVD/CD-RW combo drive

What’s in the box

* Acer Aspire 4315-2004 Notebook

* User’s guides


The neat stuff

* Intel® Celeron® M Processor 530,1 MB L2cache,1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB

* 512MB of DDR2 667MHz memory, upgradeable to 2GB using two soDIMM modules

* 80GB hard drive, DVD/CD-RW combo drive

* 14.1″ WXGA Acer CrystalBriteâ„¢ TFT LCD, 1280×800 pixel resolution, supporting multiwindow viewing

* 802.11b.g Wi-Fi Certified wireless LAN included, built-in Ethernet 10/100 Base-T



REVIEW OF ACER 6920GAcer has been on a turn of late with its Gemstone series of laptops, which have enjoyed huge popularity in the budget and value segment. Looking at tapping into the higher-end market, the company recently unveiled its ‘Gemstone Blue’ range of laptops, which is primarily aimed at the mid-level and desktop substitute segments. Acer is offering a few innovations in this range, such as 16:9 aspect LCD panels, Blue-ray drives, and a new touch panel for multimedia management. We were able to spend some time with the mid-level Acer 6920G. Does this new laptop live up to the propaganda generated around this range? Read on to come across out. At the launch event of the new series, it was clear from the onset that Acer had intentionally decided to step away from its rather drab designs of the past. The 6920G is without doubt a step up. It sports a glossy top panel and a well-designed (though highly reflective) LCD panel. The area around the LCD panel is of a similar glossy nature as the lid.

The area next to the keyboard is unique to the new series. Just above the keyboard is a huge speaker grill that forms the basis of the new Dolby 2.0 speaker system. The left side of the piano is occupied by the new CineDash Media Console, which Acer has introduced with this series. This touch panel allows you to manipulate Windows Media thespian or other compatible players. It also interfaces with Acer’s own version of a medium center call Acer Arcade Deluxe.The keyboard itself has been moved a bit more towards the center. The bottom area of the keyboard has a silver textured finish, which is common to the touchpad because well. The right side of the keyboard sports a series of quick-launch keys, which are reprogrammable. at the similar time as this new design do look dramatic in its own right, it’s not without issues. Firstly the keyboard is strangely located, causing typing issue. It took a few hours of practice to reduce the typos. Secondly the bodily profile of the laptop is, to put it mildly, BIG. The 6920G is aimed at the workhorse market and in this respect it fails. It’s a good deal bigger and thicker than standard laptops in this range and weigh in at a bit more.

However, that’s where the negatives end. Despite being on the thicker side, the laptop is made of solid plastic that does not squeak or flex. The hinges are firm and rock-solid. The heat vents, which many users had complained about in the past, have been repositioned to avoid causing ‘laptop rash’.When it comes to performance, the keyboard and the LCD panel are both a joy to use. The keyboard has smooth glossy keys that making typing a genuine pleasure. The keys have just the right elevation and more than compensate for the odd keyboard placement. The LCD as advertised is a 16-inch affair with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 (16:9), 8ms reply time, and an enhanced color profile that displays about 92 percent of the color gamut.While all this may seem a lot of technical hogwash, what it means is that the LCD is superbly designed with some of the best color, contrast, and brightness levels one can see in a screen this size. Whether you’re into multimedia or just working on a Word document, the screen really shines. The touchpad is of a decent size and thanks to a good textured finish, is easy to use.

The 6920G is fairly well-equipped with regard to peripheral connectivity. It sports a dual-layer DVD writer, 4 USB slots, a VGA port, and the standard array of Ethernet and phone jacks.For a sub-Rs 65,000 note pad, this one certainly packs in a lot of juice. It comes with a T7300 (2.0 GHz) Intel C2D processor, 3GB of system RAM, 320GB HDD, and is Bluetooth 2.0 EDR well-matched. The only real downside is the use of an Intel GMA 950 chipset which drags down an otherwise excellent laptop.In PCMark, the 6920G achieved a standard score of 4000, which is very good. However, the 3DMark score was as predictable a weak 925. Keeping in mind the fairly powerful processor and power guzzling LCD panel, the battery life was a reputable 3 hours and 23 minutes.In our final examination, we checked out the CineDash Media Console and the speaker system. The panel had some lag, but nothing one can’t live with. The Arcade was however a big flop. It kept crashing all the time, and despite reset the laptop, showed no improvement. An update fixed it, but performance still wasn’t up to the mark. It’s not very intuitive and scroll through it can be a headache.

The speaker system which has been advertised as Dolby 2.0 well-matched is quite powerful. It has good bass and treble, with clear output at mid-volumes. Though it does get screechy at very high volumes, it’s still a lot better than what is offered at its price range.The 6920 represents a positive step forward for Acer. It’s well designed, has good battery life, and is easy on the eye. At its cost of Rs 59,000 upward, it’s an fascinating notebook and is easily one of the best choice obtainable right now.



 Acer has launched the Aspire Gemstone Blue series of notebooks in India. The variety includes two notebooks that are Aspire 6920 and Aspire 8920. Both the notebooks assure to deliver High Definition entertainment. Key multimedia innovations, better display features, 2nd generation Dolby home theatre experience which redefines digital audio standards of home entertainment demonstrate by all new cool “cine dash media console” are the wonderful features of the Gemstone Blue series.

At the open, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer said, “Acer is once again setting a new design trend, with the Acer Aspire 6920 and Aspire 8920, built on unique 16″ and 18″ footprint, Full HD LCD screens and inhabitant 16:9 resolution. The Aspire Gemstone Blue is the new winner of the Gemstone line, fusing eye catching design, high end Technology and innovation into a notebook that pushes the boundaries of mobile high-definition and delivers a digital experience that connects all the senses.”

The Aspire 6920 and Aspire 8920 is powered by Intel Centrino Processor Technology featuring the newest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the mobile Intel T5550 and T7300 Express Chipset on the 2GB RAM and 3GB RAM. Furthermore HDD of 250GB or 320GB will be bundled with the Aspire 6920 and Aspire 8920.

Additional, the notebooks are equipped with 16-inch and 18-inch full HD CineCrystal LCD screen. The display sports 8ms response time and native 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Further they feature an HDMI port by means of HDCP support. With the second generation Dolby Home Theater technology, the Gemstone series notebooks also feature powerful audio technologies such as CineSurround, Tuba CineBass booster and True5.1 output.

To manage entertainment and to unlock the Acer Arcade faster, the Aspire 6920 and 8920 feature the CineDash media console, a touch-sensitive interface. It can also assist users to navigate menus, adjust volume and control their media on the fly rapidly. The Aspire 6920 and Aspire 8920 are priced at Rs. 69,999 and Rs. 79,999 respectively.

Features of the Acer Gemstone Blue:

(1). Interior/exterior lighting effects

(2). 6-in-1 card reader

(3). Dynamic and sophisticated design

(4). Multi-layered, shimmering 3D finish

(5). A chic blue, black and silver color scheme

(6). A TV Tuner (selected models)

(7). Arcade Deluxe, Acer’s multimedia software suite

(8). NeoWeave palm rest



 3000 series Ferrari Notebook. The laptop was from Acer who is partners with Ferrari providing them technologies in their Formula 1 racing. The other Ferrari partner; AMD and now even ATI along with Acer set out to build another Rosso Corsa. Well let’s get the tyres smoking and go faster through this quarter mile appraisal.

Acer Ferrari FR1002WTMi (Laptop)

External HD DVD (IEEE 1394)

IEEE 1394 Cable

Bluetooth Ferrari Mouse

Bluetooth VoIP phone

Power Cable and Adaptor

3 Cell Li-Ion Battery

6 Cell Li-Ion Battery

Care Fabric (In a case)

Laptop Bag

Manual, Driver CD, and Warranty Card


Now we move on with the layout of the Ferrari laptop. The front face of the laptop has a 5-in-1 card reader. The five supported formats by the card reader are Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital, and xD-Picture Card. There are speakers on the left and right on the front panel. At the center are the audio ports and a couple of switches.

The audio ports consist of a Line-in Jack, Microphone-in Jack, Headphone/Line-out Jack with SPDIF support. The switches at the center are to activate and deactivate Bluetooth and WiFi. Just beside these two switches is the Infrared Port. The Left of the laptop reveals some neatly styled air-vents, a Kensington lock, a 6-pin IEEE 1394 port, USB 2.0, and a PC Card slot.

The Right of the laptop has two more USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit LAN port, Modem port, and an external display VGA port.


Most laptops would have features that make it stand out form the other laptops in its range. That said this is a lifestyle product from Acer; a Ferrari branded laptop. The entire ‘Ferrari’ feel that you get from the laptop is outstanding; we are not talking about Ferrari drivers so don’t expect to see Mr. Schumi’s posters.

The laptop is built of carbon fiber and rubberized plastic. The rubberized plastic for the palm rest gives a good feel while typing and comfort to the wrists as well. The carbon fiber body of the laptop makes it light and maintains the portable aspect of this laptop.

The screen of the laptop is a 12.1-inch WXGA and uses Acer’s CrystalBrite Technology to provide the best viewing experience. The TFT LCD supports a widescreen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with a 16:10 ratio. The laptop graphics are powered by an onboard ATI chipset. The chipset provided is a RADEON XPRESS 1150 which is not actually the best and I’d have expected to see something like ATI’s X1600 chipset on a Ferrari branded laptop.

The standout feature for this laptop is Acer’s GraviSense Technology. This technology is used to keep the data on the HDD secluded even incase of shocks or vibrations that could cause data loss. There is a chip under the laptops HDD compartment, it activates and deactivates the GraviSense. A neat feature to keep all data secure and avert the minor occasions which could cause bad sectors and you’d end-up loosing data.

Battery Life

The Acer Ferrari came with two batteries one 3 cell and the other a 6 cell battery. The 6 cell battery under normal custom offered backup time of almost 3 hours while the 3 cell offered less than 90 minutes. The batteries were charged fully and then detached from the AC adaptor, with many applications like Word, playback of video and music the laptop did last exceptionally well.

In lastly, The Acer Ferrari FR1002WTMi sells for around Rs. 94,999 with a one-year guarantee. The price maybe steep, but for a Ferrari fan nothing can come close to the loveliness of this laptop. The performance is a downer for the laptop’s sales. Had it have had a improved graphics accelerator this laptop would have be just about perfect to please you petro heads and also help you around with your labor. At the end of the day it is a way of life product; only those who are crazy and at the same time big-shots who wish to show their fame will surely go-in for a laptop like this. So in simple words just like not everybody owns a Ferrari the same goes for the laptop.




  1. Sir, I b.s.ratha want to know about the price & characteristic of the laptops. If it is going in my budget then I shall buy one.

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