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ASUS HR-0205T Next Generation HD-DVD Drive

Posted by computerandlaptops on August 12, 2008

ASUS HR-0205T Next Generation HD-DVD Drive is the quietest on the market



ASUS HR-0205T Next Generation HD-DVD Drive is the quietest on the market at just 21.1 dB

Enjoy High Definition Content Playback with Double Layer HD DVD ROMs

For the consumer that demands silence, the ASUS HR-0205T provides high definition playback, multi-functionality and an industry leading noise level. This new generation HD DVD ROM drive supports data from DVD+R/RW/DVD-R/RW formats, and is the quietest ODD available on the market, operating at a mere 21.1 dB – providing users with the best home HD movie playback entertainment experience.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Disc Formats

The HR-0205T supports 2.4X HD DVD ROM/2.4X HD DVD ROM(DL)/2.4X HD DVD-R Read, 5X DVD±R/ 5X DVD+RW/ 5X DVD-RW/ 5X DVD±R (DL), 15X CD-R/ 15X CD-RW; and 15X DVD-ROM/ 15X CD-ROM Read formats – giving the consumer maximum flexibility with support for nearly every type of disc media.

Supports Playback for Double-layer 30GB HD DVDs

HD DVDs come in two variations – single and double layer; and are equal to 4 hours or 8 hours of HD content respectively. The HR-0205T is capable of reading both single layer (15GB) and double layer (30GB) HD DVD-ROM media at 2.4x read speeds – allowing users to enjoy HD movie playback. HD DVDs also have much more capacity – about 3 times to 6 times more than ordinary DVDs. The HR-0205T is also able to transfer data at 10708.8 KB/s – 7 times the speed of normal DVD data transfer rates. Another advantage of the HR-0205T is the fact that it takes full advantage of the shared physical structure of HD discs and standard DVD discs, which allows it to read HD-DVD-R, and in doing so allow users to read the diverse line-up of discs in the HD DVD-ROM disc family, including twin format disc and pick-up head with only a single objective lens.

Quiet Operations at only 21.1 dB
The HR-0205T also provides quiet operations for better movie enjoyment – operating at only 23.7dB for DVD-9 Movie Disc playback and 21.1dB for HD Movie Disc playback – much lower than leading competing models.

Latest HD Solutions
The HR-0205T can utilize a PATA-SATA adaptor for high-speed and stable read capabilities with both SATA and PATA interface compatibilities, and can also be mounted horizontally or vertically. It also fully supports Windows XP/2000/ Vista – making for an easy and convenient installation.


Read Speed







Access Time

HD:155 ms, DVD: 140 ms and CD: 130ms

O/S Compatibility

Windows Vista/Windows XP/ 2000



Data Buffer

8126 KB

Bundled Software

Latest HD solution

Disc Formats

Read: HD-ROM, HD-R, DVD-ROM, 3X DVD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, Photo CD, Video CD, CD-DA, CD-Extra, CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW

Disc Diameters

12 cm and 8 cm


100,000 h


Power on Hours 5,436 h/years

On/ Off cycles 313 cycles/year

Number of Access 600,000 access/year

Operating Duty Cycle (Read) 20% of power on

Time (Reading/seeking)

Mounting Orientation

Vertical and Horizontal (+5° ~ -5°)

Dimensions (W/H/D)

146×41.5×189.5 mm



Power Requirement

DC +5V ± 5%, DC +12V ± 8%


Operating: 5℃ to 50℃

Storage: -20℃ to 60℃


Operating: 8% ~ 80% (Non-condensing)

Storage: 5% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)


Operating: 0.25 G peak (at 10~500 Hz)

Storage: 1.0 G peak (at 10~500 Hz)

About ASUS

ASUS is a leading provider of 3C total solutions. With a global staff of more than 100 thousand and a world-class R&D design team, the turnover for 2006 was 17.4 billion U.S. Dollars. ASUS has been ranked in Business Week InfoTech 100 for 10 consecutive years, and has been ranked No.1 by the Wall Street Journal Asia for best quality products in Taiwan.



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